cornel brad
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Born at 1&2, raised in 3 up to 4. education in different places, modes, institutions and organizations, under different political regimes. first got interested in photography while browsing a romanian dictionary.  Keeping an eye on exhibitions, fairs, galleries, albums, friends’ projects and favorite photographers. His photographs were published in Aspen Idea, La Terasse Paris, Dilema Veche, Igloo, Politico, Adevarul, Decat o Revista, National Geographic, Neue Zürcher Zeitung-Swiss,, Observator Cultural and AgriPlus, some of them are part of private collections from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Russia and USA.

Cornel Brad is the author of “Interludes – in photographic key”, a book of seventy portraits of  venerated conductors, soloists and dancers present at Enescu Festival 2013. “Interludes” is edited by IglooMedia and is still available on request. “Interludes” e-version is available on i-Books Store, edited by NOI MediaPrint & “NXTGB llc, NM, USA”.

Cornel Brad is the author of “Faces beyond ideas” a portrait book edited for The Aspen Institute Romania for the first edition of the Aspen Ideas Festival and to celebrate its 10 years of activity, with the support of UniCredit Bank Romania. “Faces beyond ideas” is focusing on people from creative industries, as well as environmental, community and civic sustainability of emergent societal and business models.

Personal exhibitions:

2020,  January – April – Oameni.Putere.România.Revoluție. at Romanian Embassy, Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels.

2019, 16th of December – 2020, January – Oameni.Putere. România.Revoluție. – Comenduirea Garnizoanei Militare / National Museum of Anti-communist Revolution from December 1989 – Timișoara;

2019, September – Oameni.Putere. România.Revoluție. – Galeria Galateca – Bucharest, Romania;

2015-2017: “Interludes” at: Romanian Cultural Institute Center from: London, Bucharest, Vienna, Berlin; Galeria Galateca – Bucharest, Fulya Gallery Besiktas – Istanbul; Bilkent Universitisi – Ankara and at Cotroceni National Museum.

“Cosmopolitan Anxieties” photo exhibition was part of Transylvanian International Film Festival – TIFF 2017.

“Faces beyond ideas” at Mezanin, Universul Palace.

“101 portraits from Bunesti Summer School” at Carturesti-Verona Bookstore, Bucharest.

Group exhibitions:

2010-2012: “Scoala de fotopoetica Mraz”- Bucharest, Lisbon, Ohrid-Croatia, Belgrade.