each printed photograph will be signed by the author, mentioning the title and the number of the photography within the series. all photographs are printed on high-quality hahnemuhle photo rag pearl 320g/sqm, in limited edition:

– photographs from “interludes” portfolio are in limited edition on: 20 photographs for 20/30cm size, 10 photographs of 30/45cm, 10 photographs of 40/60cm and 10 photographs of 60/90cm;

any other photographs available on the site, excerpt the “interludes” portfolio,  are on limited edition on:

2/3 format: 10 photographs of 20/30cm, 7 photographs of 30/45cm, 5 photographs of 40/60cm and 3 photographs of 60/90cm;

square format: 10 photographs of 20/30cm, 7 photographs of 30/30cm, 5 photographs of 40/40cm and 3 photographs of 60/60cm;

panoramic format: 10 photographs of 20/54cm, 7 photographs of 30/81cm, 5 photographs of 40/108cm and 3 photographs of 60/162cm.

no supplementary prints will be printed after reaching the stated limit. all photographs exhibited on this site are available for printing; the availability and the maximum printing scale will be confirmed by the photographer, depending on copyrights and/or the technical specifications of the original support. payment can be done by bank transfer. payment at delivery is an option for romanian buyers.

printed photographs will be delivered through postal service, appropriately packed, depending on the chosen size.  postal cost in romania is estimated at seven euros per delivery. costs for the abroad deliveries will be calculated in three days upon recieving the order, depending on the destination and will be communicated to the buyer by email. all additional cost for delivery will be charged to the buyer.

any purchase of a photograph does not represent an acquisition of proprietary rights, the right to produce, copy or reproduce the image. the copyright of each and any photograph belongs exclusively to the author.